As Principal of BSAPPS Dighi I wish to extend a warm welcome to all our preschool families. We are proud of the wonderful school we have developed and the great learning experience and opportunities we offer to our little angels. Our school is committed to provide a quality education for all students that develop the whole child. Our school values underpin all that we do in a supportive and caring environment.


BSAPPS Dighi focuses on quality teaching and learning, with a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy, Quests of Discovery featuring significant and relevant content for life in coming century. BSAPPS prides itself on embedding technology into every classroom with the access for every student and teacher to interactive whiteboards and audio Visual Aids.


Robert John Meehan once said, “Every child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of LEARNING by also capable of SUCCEEDING.” I do believe childhood is not a race to see how quickly a child can read, write and count. Childhood is a small window to time to learn and develop at the pace which is right for each individual child.


There are challenges ahead us, however keeping in mind our school motto: “Goodness before Greatness” will surely make a great difference. I am certain with the support of staff, parents and our little champs the school will reach greater heights in the years to come.


"Visions without Actions… Is just a dream
Action without Vision… Just passes the time
But, vision and action… Can change the world"
			- Joel A Barker


Mrs. Manisha Debnath