Pet Show

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Pet show was organised on 6th of March 2017 in our school. The teachers showed different types of pets like rabbits, parrots etc. and gave information about them. All the students enjoyed the show very much.    


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Students were explained the process of germination of seed by their teachers before the activity. All the classes planted different types of seeds and plants on their own, under the teachers observation. Students were made aware of the importance of … Continued

Sports Day

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Sports day was celebrated on 25th January 2017. It was started with march past of the children. The students performed drill, yoga, parachute drill, hula-hoop drills. The students also participated in different racing events like ready to party, spoon & … Continued

Hindi Recitation

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Hindi Recitation competition was held on 9th of October 2016. It was a group recitation competition. A group of children had prepared rhymes with the help of teachers. The children from UKG, LKG and Nursery participated in the competition. They … Continued

Dussehra Celebration

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Dussehra was celebrated in the school on 30th of September. In an organised show, teachers showed the Ram-leela to the children. They also showed them the puppet of Ram, Sita, Ravana, Hanuman, etc. Teachers also explained the children that Dussehra … Continued

English Recitation

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English Recitation Competition was held on 8th of September 2016. A group of children from Nursery, LKG and UKG participated in the competition. They recited the rhymes with action and proper pronunciation. Through this competition children developed their co-ordination skills, … Continued

Ganesh Puja

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Ganesh Puja was celebrated in the school assembly on 6th of September 2016. Teacher told children about the Ganeshotsav. Teachers narrated the story of Lord Ganesha enacted by students, and gave message that we should never laugh on others who … Continued

Health Check-up

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Health check-up program was held in our school on 6th September. The doctors from King Edward Memorial (K.E.M) Hospital checked the health of our school’s children and gave feedback to every student in their diary.    

Teacher’s Day Celebration

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Teacher’s Day was celebrated in our school assembly in 2nd September. Teachers gave information about S.Radhakrishnan to the students. The teachers and students sang a shloka “Gurur Brahma . . .“ They also told them to respect the teacher. The … Continued

Raksha Bandhan

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Raksha Bandhan was celebrated on 18th August 2016, in the school Assembly. The teachers told students about the significance of rituals and why is festival is celebrated. Teachers also explained that this is the festival of brothers and sisters. Rakhi … Continued