Dedicated works in the field of Early Childhood education all these years have given her a wide range of experience.


Mrs. Manisha Debnath at BSAPPS Dighi the most influential educational leader as Principal and her leadership is inextricably linked to student performance. She is a leader who sets a clear sense of direction having a great impact on staff members.


She says “It’s difficult for school to make progress without something to focus attention on and without any goal.”


As a Principal, she is always open for honest communication to contribute suggestions, organizing, planning, implementing and sustaining reforms in school routine. She acts as liaison between the preschool staff and preschool families.


She always says ‘There is a brilliant child locked inside every student waiting to be unleashed! And as a creative team we should do it with complete efforts.’ She provides community outreach becoming involved in relevant educational tasks and programme. She is been a great encouragement and provides ample opportunities for team building and staff collaboration.